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Who is The Cologne Man?

Khigh Shotwell, Founder

You may be asking yourself, “Who is this mysterious entity named The Cologne Man?” He is none other than Khigh Shotwell, a self-made businessman who has been serving the Atlanta-area since 2006. Originally from New Orleans, Louisiana, Khigh worked sales in the French Quarter and learned very early on the importance of seeing the value in yourself and how to overcome the expectations and adversities presented to him.
Knowing he wanted more than the traditional 9-5, Khigh started the path of entrepreneurship by selling luxury brand fragrances as The Cologne Man. Since then, he has become a vanguard in the mobile store industry, author of the book The Game is to be Sold not Told, and is currently working on his own cologne fragrance. When he’s not at work, you can usually find him somewhere on a beach with his wife or finding new seafood spots to try in Atlanta.


About Us

Let the Fragrance Come to YOU!

The Cologne Man brand is built on the promise of first-class, personable service. We will meet you anywhere in the greater Atlanta area to bring your favorite luxury brand fragrances at the lowest price. By cutting out the middle-man, The Cologne Man is able to bring you the value of online shopping with the convenience of on-demand delivery. When you need to feel and smell your best, call The Cologne Man at 833-4-COLOGNE (833-4265-6463).

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